Affiliate Network Neogara

Pay for real clients only

980 000
leads generated last month
FTD monthly
Average LTV
$5 000
Average CR reg to dep
Experience in the vertical
6 years
Hot leads from quality traffic sources only

How it works?

Step 1 of 4
User goes online
We select advertising platforms with a solvent target audience.
Step 2 of 4
Looking for investment and earning opportunities
We attract users using an unique approach for each GEO and investment project.
Step 3 of 4
Follows the ad and fills in the application form on the landing page
Users’ contacts are transmitted to the advertiser in real-time via API
Step 4
Make a deposit $250+
The user remains active for a long time, providing high LTV, due to a well-configured funnel.
Advertisers themselves determine which targeted action to pay the traffic

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